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Skipping my period

I’m currently on sprintec for birth control and i like to skip the last week in the pack to prevent bleeding. When i do this i do not have enough pills to keep taking the next pack. My pharmacy will not refill until it’s time. What can i do?
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Well, probably from now on, go ahead and take them as prescribed.  That's important.  Once in a blue moon, you could skip the spotting of placebo week but if you are running out of pills and they will not give you more, then you need to follow the directions of your prescription.  In the mean time, if this happens and you need your pills, you can call your doctor and explain the situation. They may help you out.  It's not like it is an addictive drug you are abusing.  :>)  So, just talk to your doctor but they will likely encourage you to take it the way it's meant to be taken on a regular basis.  
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