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Starting period in middle of BC pack on pills

Hello! I have been on sprintec for 2 years now and my periods have always started during the last week of pills- give or take 2 pills. I had COVID the beginning of september and my period has been irregular since. I started my period in the middle of the pack for 3 cycles now. My periods last 2 weeks. I will start a full on cycle in the middle of the 2nd week of pills and will not get off until I start a new pack. When I start in the 2nd week of pills, it feels like a normal cycle, with heavy bleeding and cramps and then dies down until I start the sugar pills and then it feels like I started my period again- with the heavy bleeding and the cramps again. How do I get my periods to be regular again?
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That's definitely strange and not how the pill is supposed to work!  Personally, I would call your doctor.  Before getting covid you had no issues and had the usual 3 weeks of nothing (not even break through spotting) and then the 'off' week of sugar pills, had the traditional BC bleeding (which isn't a period).  The pill works to prevent you from ovulating.  The issue I'd be concerned with is that someone, you have ovulated and are actually getting a period so the pill is not effective right now.  I'd use back up birth control until you talk to your doctor.  You may be told to not take your pill until the day you get your 'period' and then to start a new pack then.  But I think your doctor really should guide you on this.  How long were you on this particular pill before covid and this irregularity?
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