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Clots and enlarged lymph nodes

Hi. 40 days ago my husband, 27years old, 3 weeks after a 12h flight started with a pain in his leg which led to a pulmonary embolism. After 5 days on heparin/erixtra he stayed only on Cumadin, though at a high INR, and developed symptoms from a larger clot, now on the julgular vein. he was moved back to heparin and then to lovenox. Then it was noticed that some of his lymph nodes were a bit enlarged around neck and lungs (1.8 cm the largest). They did several ct scans, pet scans, mri, and 3 biopsies to try to diagnose. 2 of them, a core and a surgery, werent able to get tissue from the lymph nodes. only the fine needle was successful, with a negative result, but we've hear there are a relevant number of cases of false negative in this type. Right after the biopsies, new clots still appeared on the veins on his axila, connected to the julgular, and on the other julgular. Lupus factors were negative, all possible infections too. Blood tests were all normal, including factors and proteins C and S. The only lab results affected were those from inflammation (crp 140 - 70) and the d-dimer itself (10k-2k). Pain keeps high, specially in neck and lungs, even though on high dilaudi dosage. he is taking also predizone now after the biopsies for the inflammation and also zolfran, because he is very nauseated when he tries to eat otherwise. no night sweats or fever, though he is constantly on tylenol for the pain. We dont know what else to do... if you have any thoughts we would be forever grateful..
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