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High MPV - does it mean anything?

I've suffered from a myriad of of odd symptoms the past 5 or so years - most annoying is urinary urgency/frequency. I've also had fatigue, dizziness, and recently developed severe heartburn. My doctor ordered some blood work and while everything looked fairly normal there were a couple 'off' values:

TSH - 4.3 - flagged high
MCV - 96.3 - slightly high
MPV - 12.4 - high
Platelet count - 150 - normal
Abs. Lymphocyte - 14.4% - low
Seg. Neutro - 76.2%

I've had blood work done off and on over the past 5 years and my MPV is always high - many times over 13. Should I push my doctor to look into things more? Or is this just my body's normal?
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