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Iron deficiency & low platelet count


I developed aloepecia areata in recent months, and my GP recommended a blood panel. The results came back mostly normal, except I have mildly low platlet count (139 x 10^9/L, as opposed to 150-400) and low blood serum iron (10.5mumol, as opposed to 14-31). Other iron specific indicators, like ferritin/transferrin, came back normal though. My other blood cell counts is normal as well.

I am to see my GP soon and I am most likely to be put on iron. I looked up in the net and there appear to be mixed opinion on aloepecia and iron deficiency. Is there any other differential diagnosis for my condition? Are there any tests I could ask my GP to conduct? Is there any auto immune problem I should ask my GP to check for? Or, is my problem to do with B12/folate deficiency? I am a lacto-vegetarian and I suspect I might not be getting enough B12. I don't go out in Sun much either, so D eficiency as well?

I am looking forward to here from experts.

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I suffered from unexplained iron anemia and low, very low Hemoglobin, about 6.  I was examined from throat to rectum and no bleeding or other cause was fund.  I was taking an iron supplement during these tests which took a couple of weeks.  My ongoing blood tests showed a steady rise in my Hemoglobin count and so nothing else was done.  I soon stopped taking an iron supplement (may have taken for 3 or 4 months) and my Hemoglobin has been in the range of 13 for the past 20 years, and no further development of iron deficiency.

I think low Hemoglobin and low red blood cell count go hand-in-hand.

Give iron a change.  
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