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Bone marrow or stem cell transplant process

My fiancee has Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia and I dont understand why the oncologist is wanting her to start the chemotherapy treatments without even securing a bone marrow match yet. Maybe Im thinking to logically, but if we never find a bone marrow match, all the pain and suffering she will go through with the heavy doses of chemo will seem unnecessary, wont it?
Also, she is in the Philippines and will undergo treatment there. The oncologist in her home city has told her that they will administer the chemo to her there and when she is ready for the transplant, they will transfer her to Manila for the transplant. Manila is a 2 hr flight from her home city!! How are they going to transfer her, by plane??? The research I have done on this process tells me that the patient will be very very weak and on oxygen to survive at this point. She will be enclosed behind plastic surrounding her so that she doesnt intake any foreign substances in the air, she cant be exposed to anything that would harm her at this point because she will be very susceptable to toxins that could kill her. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THEY TRANSFER HER ON A PLANE AND FLY HER 2 HOURS UNDER THIS CONDITION??? Something doesnt seem right here, can someone shed some light on this issue? Thanks,  Dave
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Treatmenf of acute lymphoblkastic leukemia involves many stages. Different chemotherapy drugs are used during these stages. The first stage is usually remission induction. Every patient goes through this and if eligible for a transplant, it is done AFTER patient has achieved remission.  Remission means leukemi is no longer detected by routine tests, but it is still there. The reason is doing transplant before she has achieved remission usually doesnt work as leukemia wont let the new marrow transplant establish in her.

It is true that for some time during therapy her blood counts will be low and she will be at high risk of infections, but no one requires to be wrapped in plastic! That is crazy. Once the blood counts recover, she can easily travel.
Good luck to you both.
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I agree with the upove poster,my 5 yrold sun has ALL. He has been in treatment for a little over a year.And doning well.Yes there is times when he is more subcubal to illiness but he just puts on a mask and goes about playing..I know this is hard to here but if ur goning to get a blood cancer ALL is the one u want..It has a very high cure rate..Good Luck
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