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successful bone marrow transplants

What percentage of ovca dx'd woman need bone marrow transplants and how successful are they? Where would one find the answer tyo this ? WITHE

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bone marrow transplants happen at the big cancer centers  after your treatment if CA125 is low enough they harvest some bone marrow  then nuke you up and then reintroduce your marrow.  Look at MD Anderson.  The problem with this if it doesn't work your immune system has trouble dealing with more chemo drugs.
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Try contacting Fred Hutchinson Research center in Seattle....It is an extremely dangerous procedure... get all the facts... wishing you good luck... R
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See what Dr. Gonzalez (internet) has to say about it. He was a  bone marrow transplant specialist. If I remember correctly he said it does not work for ovarian cancer. But double check.
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More information. His name is Nicolas Gonzalez and he has a clinic in Manhattan. He is an oncologist who graduated from Cornell Medical School and was for a time at Sloan-Kettering.
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