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Do you enjoy reading a good murder mystery ?

Have you read any of Kathy Reichs 's novels ? Ms. Reichs is a forensic anthropologist
in real life. Her novels are terrific.  Kathy Reichs is one of the producers of a tv show
called " Bones". I'm reading her latest novel called " Bones of the Lost". This novel is
highly entertaining and a good read. Kathy Reichs also has a website. She's a terrific
writer. I've read all her novels. Not only are her novels entertaining, you always learn
something from them.
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Hi 29sillygirl,

I enjoy watching the show " Bones " as well. I find the plots interesting
and I like the characters in the show especially the actress who plays
Temperance Brennan who is fondly referred to as Bones. Who are your
favorite characters in the show " Bones" ?
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I used to read every book she wrote as soon as it arrived at the library.  Now watch Bones...at first didn't think show quite had the punch her books do....but it is a different medium..so enjoy now.
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