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Friend diagnosed with BPD.

First of all, this post is about a friend. My friend was diagnosed with BPD three weeks ago, and he told me about it today. I know little about it, but a quick google search, and I read that people with BPD typically have a tendency to inflict self harm, and that around 3 to 10% of them end up committing suicide in the long run (Courtesy: wikipedia). I want to help my friend out of this, and I don't want him to cause any self harm. As a friend of a guy who has been recently diagnosed with BPD, what all I am supposed to do on my part ? How can I help him ? I really love my friend, and want to do whatever little I can to help him deal with this. Any suggestions are deeply appreciated.
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Just be yourself like you have always been. Don't express any feelings that say you are sorry for his condition. Honestly, it is not a big deal. But what is most important is to be honest. So be honest to him like you have been and express yourself freely like you have in the past without making his BP issue as something that stops you from giving your opinions. However, you could  encourage him with positive attitude and support.  And tell him you are always there for him, especially if he ever needs someone to talk to. Apart from that we always have our own battles to fight. So, give no false promises or hopes.  

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