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Normal having conversations with myself as if someone’s talking&interacting with me?

when im alone in my room or when im in a place where im comfortable like anywhere in my home (with my family preset as well) i will go into this daydream mode id say where i will pretend to be having a conversation with people i know as if they’re there. If im imaging us laying down at the beach ill lay down and smile and talk to them and the dialogue happens in my head where both me and the person or people are talking and where i’ll mumble part of my answer sometimes along with it happening in my head and my physically acting it out. This happens on the daily i want to say. Lets say im in the kitchen grabbing grapes ill imagine 3 people i know sitting in the living room and extend my hand and ask if they want some grapes in my head and sit on the couch as if im next to them and laugh ect in real life.
when making up these scenarios i’ll for instance walk to the couch and pretend to sit on their lap and talk or hug ect so ill walk around and do it. as i mentioned before i also do it unconsciously around people sometimes, but only when im comfortable so i don’t really do this in a busy setting with people i don’t know. At home for instance and then my mom will find me pacing and mumbling and moving with my hands as if someones talking to me. im wondering if this is normal? i don’t know if im explaining it well but i hope you understand.

i don't know in what forum to post so am posting here
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