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What are the symtoms of BPD?

I was diagnosed with BPD a few months ago, and nothing was explained as to "Why" I was given this diagnosis!  I was in a mental health/rehab hospital, and saw a Psych doc.  It was a long consultaion with her asking alot of questions. She seemed to be very thorough.  Then she said that she would call me back into her office and go over my diagnosis in a day or two.  Well, after 3 days I asked my unit nurse why I hadn't been called back in?  I was told that she had left on maternity leave the day before!! They did have a list for me of my diagnosis, which were: PTSD, major depression, generalized anxiety, OCD, and of course, GPD.  Also, a list of meds the doc wanted them to start me on.  But...no one could explain the reasoning for her diagnosis!   Bottom line, I would appreciate Any info you folks could share w me.  What does it mean to have BPD?  What are the symtoms? Is there a cause? Just anything please!
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