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Can occassional binge drinking affect results from the gym

If you heavily binge drink about once a month or less, can that affect the muscles you've gained or the cardio endurance you've built up in the gym?  
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Are there also any long term health risks such as cancer and heart disease  from doing this if i don't drink at all other than on these occassional events, exercise regularly, don't smoke, and eat fruit and veg/reduce salt intake etc?  Does it make a difference if you experience alcoholic flush reactions?  
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Alcohol will affect people's hormone levels, hormone deficiency, muscle will grow slowly.
There are some essential considerations:
Muscle Exercise is a great strength of the movement, the body will cause a lot of physical stress, produce large amounts of oxygen free radicals, this thing will destroy human cells, slowing the recovery, so that your immune system is reduced. Vitamin C like a sponge adsorbed radicals; vitamin E to protect cell walls from free radical damage, about vitamin E, have specialized foreign comparative experiments, a few weeks later, the results of that part of the intake of vitamin E workout , average muscle circumference growth was significantly higher than that of people do not ingested. So should eat vitamin tablets at the same time, additional supplementary Vc, Ve. Vitamin c and a role in preventing a lack of nitric oxide, nitric oxide can swell the blood vessels, transporting more nutrients to the muscles.For more details, please click:  http://www.libiman.net/sexual-pills

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