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Post Microfracture Pain

I had arthoscopy with a microfracture on my knee January 06, 2014.  The pain post surgery is worse than the pain before (and different) and I have physical limitations I didn't have before.  I could not extend my leg parallel to the floor while sitting without wincing so I was given a steroid shot and three rounds of Synvisc four months post surgery.  Sadly I have not noticed much improvement a month later.  

I was not told any of this was possible prior to the surgery.  It was done so I could continue dancing without the pain and now I can hardly even begin to do ballet.

Anyone have any insight or a similar experience?  What was done?  
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I started physical therapy 6 weeks after surgery (I was immobile in a brace) and attended for 14 weeks.  I had to stop because the pain was so bad I couldn't do a lot of the exercises that would strengthen my quadricep muscle and was not finding any improvement after The first 8 weeks or so.  
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question!
Yes those surgeries are some times neccesary and as important is the surgery as important is the physical therapy and rehabilitation. Who is in charge of your recovery? it is really important that you have a whole team overlooking the progression of the post surgery.
If you need i can provide some exercise suggestions'
Hope you feel better
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