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why am i gaining weight ONLY in my stomach?

Why am I only gaining weight in my stomach? It's bulging & I'm starting to look pregnant & I'm 100% sure I'm not pregnant. I do drink a lot of water & my two jobs consists of standing (& some sitting) because I'm a cashier. I never have time to exercise & I don't eat very much 'cause I'm too tired to eat. I'm sure many have asked this question but don't got the patience to look threw 'em all. I'm also Anemic & the last I got my period was a month ago as well as the last time I took my birth control. if anyone know, please hit me up. I'm starting to be asked when I'm due.

Thank you!
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Thank you, I'll try that.
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this interesting question in my forum! I remember that three years ago I had a client with the name of Rebecca and after losing 25 pounds training she was getting this comment Everyone think I am still pregnant. This is a really common condition called Lumbo Hip Complex.

Lets start explain that the core can be defined as the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex: there are 29 muscles that form the core. The importance of the core is to maintain the optimal length tension relationship between the functional agonists and antagonists.

In other words when there is a lack of core stabilization the lower back "sticks" out. Once that you train the core your posture will improve especially those core muscles.  My advise is to train the core in different ways: stabilization, specific movements:
-Plank Positioning: On your elbows hold your body weight till you feel the tension in your mid section
-External Obliques: from a standing position and holding a towel between your hands twist your torso to one side and then to the other
Copy and paste the following links http://www.youtube.com/user/BodySmartTV#p/u/2/5QU5Vt8u_XU

I hope this helps and don't worry!!
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