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Concussion or mild blow?

Almost 3 days ago, I was cooking spaghetti at the kitchen and when I turned a bit on the left to turn on the faucet I accidentally bumped my head into the open  door of the kitchen cabinet/ cupboard. Yes, I always leave it more than ajar due to force of habit...

Well, although I'm generaly a careless person, almost always in a hurry and prone to anxiety and ruminating, I can't say the blow was too much -could have been much worse- but I immediately felt a bit dizzy and only a tiny hint of nausea. I ate immediately, didn't vomit afterwards, haven't thrown up at all in three days.
Additionaly, the dizzy spell wasn't too intense, I could walk on a straight line, compose e-mails and take part in conversation without lag, and it left me after an hour completely.
That night I drank about a bottle of red wine and even went to sleep. Only to wake up after 3 hours and sleep no more that night. 28 hours after, I drank even more and pulled another all nighter. Finally slept 6 hours and another 6-7 hours last night.

The reason why I'm writing these now is because I'm, of course, panicky because of the possibility of a mild concussion and its possible side effects, along with th ehelp of alcohol and poor sleep the first days of the injury -while I should be taking care to rest and all.

I feel just a weight sensation and mild pain that comes and goes around the vicinity of the impact, maybe a bit of pain on the opposite side sometimes, but I don't even need acetaminophen. The impact was on the upper-back let side of the head.

Could I have a problem? Do I need to see a doctor? Could I have inner hematoma or however it's called?

My symptoms in more detail:
- A bit dizzy and a  slight feeling of being slowed down
- A bit more dizzy and achy when I concentrate on homework.
- Heaviness/weight sensation around impact area

That pretty much covers it. Didn't lose consciousness, didn't have amnesia -short- or long-term. A little problem with learning new things (talthough I've read some of my book and studied without significant problem), a bit more dizzy when watching movies.

Note that I've been undergoing therapy for a year for my anxiety (no pills, just sessions), and I'm prone to ruminating about symptoms and all.

Also note that I haven't slept properly in 3 days, two of which were all nighters with little to moderate alcohol consumption.

I 'm looking forward to a response ASAP to relax....
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You don't need to worry about the blow to the head. Your head can take much more than that. You should however be more serious with your sleeping habits and cut down on alcohol, don't you think?

Relax and take care!

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* upper back left side (sp mistake, sorry!)
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At last a more down-to-earth response! Everyone's been worrying me with possible side effects and all...

You're sure right about my sleeping and drinking habits...
It was especially because chronic 'misallocation' (I wouldn't call it insomnia per se) of sleep, abeted by alcohol etc, has similar symptoms to what many describe as concussion, post-concussion syndrome or inner-skull haematoma etc. I should also stop ruminating...

Take care man,

Thank you for reassuring me.

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