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Concussion with lingering symptoms

I have been to the doctor several times and have taken a CT (came back normal). I am set to take an MRI in a week. I have not seen a neurologist.

I had a concussion 16 days ago. I fell and hit my forehead in the area over my left eyebrow, but I did not lose consciousness. The place I hit my head started feeling tender/burning/sharp pain straight after the hit. 16 days later it still feels the exact same way. The next day I started getting a headache in the back of my head on the opposite side I was hit. The day after that I got tension headaches all over my head.

Here are the symptoms i have: Constantly twitching left eye (my eye never twitched before), watery eyes, weird feeling left cheek bone and temple (this has stopped), tenderness where at the point where I hit my head, headache in the back of my head, tension headache in the rest of the head, head feels heavy. I have every day all day long. I have not been working and have been taking it easy ever since I hit my head.

I am concerned about the point in the front of my head and that it still feels tender/burning/sharp pain 16 days later. I feel like this might be what causes the other symptoms. The point in the front of my head seems different from the standard concussion symptoms people have. What could be the reason why I still have this pain?

I am wondering if I might have a minor cerebral spinal fluid leak. This could possibly explain why I had this weird feeling in my left cheek bone and temple and watery eyes. But I do not have any fluid running from the nose or the ear...
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