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I need a doctor to fix a difficult cf leak in my 33 year old son

My 33 year old son wrecked motorcycle with no helmet and face planted into a telephone pole that was 1st and last impact not one injury from neck down he has had 3 surgeries I had him home walking talking eating for 3 days noticed nose running badly realized what it was took him back to hospital it was a leak he had s huge air pocket on brain they did surgery 2 weeks later he laid flat until surgery they also put his flap back in at this surgery everything seemed to go well but nope leaking again then 4 days after 1 st cfleak surgery repair doctors went in again with ent doctor this time surgery threw the nose seemed to at least slow leak way down a lot then we were sent to rehab while there I went home to get our clothes when I returned it was a night mare he was shacking I asked what was wrong the nurse says the doctor had me suction him out down his nose I lost it I was so upset then nose started pouring fluid he was scheduled for another surgery but he got pneumonia they cancelled surgery and then told me there was nothing else they could do for him we are now home on hospice care but I feel that this can be fixed or at least slowed way down please my son has been trough so much and is such a fighter he has been so strong pulled right through every surgery but my son has been through a lot of it could go wrong it did but I’m not going to give up and either is he if you know of a doctor that will look at him or his records please let me know
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