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Should I take the prescribed prednisone or no?

Little background information.. I have been suffering from my second concussion in four years for about 4 months now. About a month into the concussion I was prescribed prednisone to help alleviate inflammation around my brain and hopefully make my headaches better. I have been suffering from severe migraines since the first concussion and were definitely made a lot worse after this second one. I am still being treated for this concussion from a concussion specialist and vestibular therapist and my symptoms of head pressure are still very persistent. Last week I had developed an upper respiratory infection and was given the antibiotic Ceftin and had an allergic reaction to it just today. I had gone to my local urgent care who prescribed me the original antibiotic and they intern to me to stop taking and prescribed me a 20mg twice a day for five days prednisone. I am very worried about taking it considering I do still have a concussion and have recently read that 18% of people with concussions or TBI's that are prescribed steroids end up dying from them? So this leads me to a few questions..Is this true and if so why would my concussion doctor prescribe these to me to begin with? and should I take this new prescription of prednisone for the viral infection?
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