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Arachnoid Cyst Causing Dyslexic type symtoms.

So, I hit my head when I was about 12 (20 now) while skiing and it was discovered after a trip to the ER that I had an arachnoid cyst in the posterior fossa of my brain (slight concussion at the time).  I think its rather large, but exact details cannot be remembered. Had a bunch of MRI's and scans over the years and it was determined to be benign and not growing.  I am supposed to be good and just look for symptoms relating to movement and balance and vision and things of that nature.

Im at university right now and have noticed a consistent issue when plotting graphs.  Im mixing up the very fundamentals of math in my Calculus three course.  I'll plot (3,4) as (4,3) as a very simple example.  I've messed up so many problems and homeworks this way.  Let me say that this issue never existed before the start of this year.  It started a few weeks into this semester and has become a considerable issue.  It seems to only be effecting my interpretation of the order of numbers in graphing and general writing.  Grammatically I haven't noticed anything such as switching around letters just numbers, really strange.

I'm not at home so I can't see my doctor until I go home for thanksgiving, and I am really worried about this.  I have been really stressed and slightly depressed, and this is compounding on top of it.  I didn't think that because of it's location that the cyst would do anything in terms of my academics just body functions and sensations.  So I dont know what to think.
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Usually at university you are set up to get at least rudimentary health service and you should head over for some basic testing and an exam. They should be able to tell you if the current symptoms are related, or something new which can be even simpler things like vitamin issues, hormones or even an infection. It can be that the cyst is getting larger and the mass effect is starting to create issues as well. You need an evaluation. Please see a doctor and post back. Good luck.
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I had a cyst in the posterior fossa (specifically, the pons). I experienced transposing letters. (I do very little math work, so I don't know if I would've transposed numbers). I haven't seen this symptom mentioned in any literature about tumors in the pons, but I definitely experienced it.

It is more extreme when my brain is fatigued.
I wish you well. Keep us posted.

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