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Can teens (15-19) even have benign brain tumors?

I'm 16 yr old male. Over the past month I've noticed a lot of the brain tumor symptoms in me. Frequent headaches, waking up with the headaches, headaches hurting more when I bend over, slight anisocoria, neck stiffness, right eye pain, photophobia (light sensitivity), olfactory hallucinations (smelling smoke), slight left arm and hand weakness, and constant seeing of light flashes and floaters. I've seen a neurologist. He left off these symptoms as "migraines" and says he doesnt think I have a tumor. I then saw an eye doctor for the anisocoria and eye pain, he said migraines too. So I got a second opinion and same response. I then went to my GP who said its tension headaches. So I got a second opinion and then the other doctor said cervicogenic headaches.

I don't know why the thought of a brain tumor doesnt come to any of these doctors. Google says that those are exact brain tumor symptoms and that I should get immediate medical attention blah blah blah. And trust me I do NOT want a brain tumor. Its the most terrible, cruel disease anyone can have. But somehow I'm convinced, because these symptoms are not going away.

I finally convinced my doctor to get me a CT scan. So I did and it showed up clear. I've read that CT scans arent always accurate and can miss very small tumors or tumors in the skull base.. so I'm not believing the results and will probably get an MRI in 5 days.

So about the quesion- If I did have a brain tumor, is there any chance it would be benign? Every single story Ive read about people having benign brain tumors happened to adults. It seems like children and teens can only get malignant tumors. Is that true?

Also read that brain tumors are the #2 cancer killer in children.. so yeah. I've been a little freaked out this past month. I'm hoping when the MRI comes back it wont find a tumor of course, but it it does I hope its benign so I can get removed and I can continue on with my life.
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Sadly, while google is a great resource, it can raise anxiety when you put symptoms in and just read Willy nilly. Dr google can't do a history or blood tests, look into your eyes and do reflexes and run scans etc.

The clear CT is a great thing! I am going to guess the MRI is going to be clear, hopefully.

Headaches are nasty and have varying symptoms and when hormones change, like with puberty, you get weird symptoms. I would suggest more hormonal testing.

Even so, bending over headaches is more suggestive of sinus or tension or migraine. I would see an ENT and make sure all is well. You may need migraine meds, both a preventative and a break through one and hopefully that will resolve most if not all of your symptoms.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the response. What about the anisocoria? (Right pupil is slightly larger than left). And I have pain in that eye. Its not unbearable, but its pretty painful and annoying. I have an understanding that raised intracranial pressure can cause this (if that may be my case) can CT scans catch raised intracranial pressure?
I also faxed the imaging to my neurologist and he said it looks all good.
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