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Central Thyroidism/Pitutary problem - Low end of normal range thyroid levels

I have been having symptoms all year and this fall a landslide of not feeling good...all classic and extreme hypothyroid symptoms. I have even been experiencing very occasional but bad spotty vision that has only lasted 15-20 mins, faint light headedness and dizziness and tonight for the first time weak arms and hands that even quivered slightly at one point. Tested my TSH 9/25 and it was .306 but had it double checked and this time with FT3 & FT4 levels here is what they were this week on 10/20

My levels (Verified Reference Range )
TSH .596 ( .465 - 4.680 uIU/mL )

FT3 3.02 ( 2.77 - 5.27 pg/ml )

FT4 0.86 ( 0.78 - 2.19 ug/dl )

Ferritin 11.3 (6.2 - 137.0 ng/ml )

Vitamin D = 53 ( 30-100 ng/mL )

B12 391 ( 239 - 931 pg/ml )

Can anyone tell me if these are common for hypothyroidism or central hypothyroidism? Think its a pituitary issue causing all these low values? Or is it something I should further into or be content and trust my doc with trying meds first?

My nurse was admit I try the thyroid meds (which I don't remember the name as I pick them up tomorrow from pharmacy) for 6-8 weeks and said the doctor still questions a pituitary problem....

Is it appropriate for me to just ask for a referral? If it as something possibly to do with the brain at this point I want to know what is causing it....so I insisted on getting a referral....maybe I am wrong to do so...I am pretty concerned though and am feeling so awful....I just want to find answers and get back to feeling better so I can take care of my family. Let me know any experiences, knowledge or suggestions....I have no extended family to give me advice...all on my own with my hubby who is clueless.
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I have central hypothyroidism and my TSH readings are more like .0004 or .0007.

Have you been to an eye doc? Have you heard of visual migraines?
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Hi Gimel....seen the doc today...he said stay on the Levo and with people with central hypothyroidism FT4 that it can actually make a difference in the first few doses but to really feel to feel the full effects and it takes a couple to few weeks to feel the full effects ...so that confirms me feeling a bit better the day when i started it and it probably wasnt just a placebo effect.

He does suspect something wrong with my pituitary or something and my body is not right he said to be causing all these low levels...so we are doing labs again in 2 weeks to check for Celiacs & some autoimmune antibodies & some pitutary gland blood tests too...we will wait on an MRI to check for tumors but we wiill wait to see what the blood says about it....he also waiting on the FSH levels to come back too. He said that something is going on and we will figure it out...

Yes i have been to the eye doc..,all is well.  I suffer from tension migraines and take immatrex for them. The past four yrs my TSH has been down that low in the previous...it was up for some reason this time but the very low 5% of the reference range and also my FT3 & FT4s is what he is looking at...says they shouldn't be low like that ...he doesn't see it very often and when he has it was central hypo. I trust him well...he came from the mayo so he is outstanding and very caring.  

What was causing your central hypo.? what are your symptoms like today? what kind of treatment do u get?  These symptoms are awful :(
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Oops Rumed i didnt mean to call u gimel...my bad! sorry!
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It does take a long time to T4 to kick in. It is the storage form of thyroid.

I had a couple of pituitary tumors. I am panhypopituitary.

Uh, waiting for levels to coming back... like in your cycle? FSH is a pituitary hormone as well. Make sure you test at the right time, and the test is done correctly. Lab error and all made it really hard for many of us.
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Did they ever do CT scans to check for pit tumors first?
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