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Constant Head Pain were PonyTail would be at

Well, I have been diagnosed with migrane headaches and have had them now for over 17 years.  I was seeing a head doctor for this but he just kept trying me on different meds and I don't even like taking asprin so I quite going and learned to just live with the pain.  So I know how that pain feels and stuff but now I have this other pain....Now I have this really sensitive area on the back of my head were you would wear a ponytail and it hurts to the touch and feels kind of like it would if you hit your head on a corner of a cabnet when you stood up.

I haven't hit my head on anything and the pain is constant, it hurts worse when I barely put my hand on it and I was just wondering if you would know what could be the cause of this.  It has been there now for about 4-5 months and it don't seem like its going to feel better anytime soon...also sometimes it feels like I am going to pass out for no reason...I get so light headed that I can't see, and if I barely bend over or lean over slowly I get such a head rush as if I was upside down for hours and it hurts my whole head, sometimes I see little light things also that I call molicules... I don't really take great care of my self medically and I know I should but I am so busy working and raising my nine kids (one set twins and 5 c-sections) so I just wanted to know if this should be something to worry about or not.  I hate going to the hospital and usually only go when I have a child so I don't think I would even get it checked out unless I knew I should.

I also have sleep apnia and was suppose to use a c-pap machine at night but I don't and I did have high blood preasure but I am not sure if I still do, I never went back after they gave me my meds and told me that if I started taking them I couldn't just stop so I just didn't start taking them.

Well thanks in advance for any help or advise you can offer and have a great weekend.
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Prolonged high blood pressure is not a good thing & it is important to get that under control.  You don't want to be risking getting a stroke with nine children who depend on you.  Sleep apnea can make you tired and give you a headache each morning from the lack of oxygen.  Please, consider your children and take care of yourself!  You may want to get a referral to a neurologist regarding your headaches.
  Have you had your iron level and ferritin levels tested lately?  That can make lightheaded problems worse.  Sounds like you are having some orthostatic issues.  
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I would get checked out.
I would also make sure you get a c-pap mask that is comfortable for you so you can wear it. There are many kinds so ask if you do not like the one you have.

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Why would you not go to a doctor and have this checked out? If it were one of your kids I am sure that you would be on it. You deserve to feel better and you don't need to be a hero. It would be very sad if your kids were to lose you because you refuse to take care of yourself, not control your blood pressure and rely on the internet for something that might be more serious.
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