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Do I have a brain tumor?

Hi I am a 37 y/o male. A few weeks before Christmas I started having muscle soreness in both arms mainly and every so often in my legs as well. I have also had strange sensations in my head as well as a very itchy scalp and skin crawling feeling in my head as well. All of these symptoms come and go sometimes I have them for a week and then nothing for several weeks then have them again for a couple of weeks then nothing for a few days then back again. Several  weeks ago I started having pins and needle type feelings in both cheeks that come and go then started having the sore feeling in my wrists. I have seen my regular doctor who is currently treating me for Lyme disease. I have taken all my antibiotics and have now developed having constant head pressure and slight pain that comes and goes sometimes on the right side sometimes on the left. I have also started having eye floaters that come and go. Also have developed a. Spaced out feeling at times. Also the symptoms seem to be less and most of the time go away completely at night and also first thing in the morning. I also have been diagnosed with ABPA, GERD and a large hiatal hernia. I am also currently taking prednisone,(10mg a day) and 1000mcg of b12. Oh btw my doctor did not do blood test for Lyme he said most of the time the Lyme tests are inconclusive. Not sure of what is going on with me or if this is all stress and anxiety or what I just need something to ease my mind. Please any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!
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One more thing I have started having a lot of mucus draining in the back of my throat I do usually have a problem with sinuses at the change of seasons but I have never had symptoms like this before with them. I also have sleep apnea and do use a CPAP but here lately I am still tired even after a good nights sleep. Sorry to keep rambling I'm just very worried about my current condition.
See an ent or ask your doc, it may be allergy, or your mask may need a change.
Strangem94. I am having all of the exact symptoms u describe.. from the strange crawling scalp sensations to the huge amount of wormlike floaters that come and go and mucous coating n my throat that is very prevalent at times.. even sore joints esp. Wrist and elbows. However I just recently also experienced sebaceous cysts and thickening skin along neck and face. Cheeks and forehead mainly. And a swollen fluid like characteristic 2 those areas as well.. any word on wuts happened with your situation... so tired and sick of this.. ty. Dave
I'm a 32 yr old male btw and have been experiencing these symptoms for almost a yr.. like u said, they seem 2 come and go, but last few months have become constant and far more intense.. I now rarely ever have any times of little to no symptoms.. hope ur doing better and any help u could offer me on clarity of this if indeed related 2 your condition
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Sadly, the only way to know is to see a doctor. You have been seeing a doctor and he/she would have been doing regular exams that would have been giving them indication of more severe issues like a brain tumor, like the reflexes and eye check.

I can say that being on prednisone will cause a lot of side effects like being spaced out and anxious and may be contributing to how you feel.

Eye floaters are pretty normal, but see an eye doctor to be sure. It is a good idea anyway. The eye doc can also run checks re brain tumors and rule them in/out.

Once you taper off the prednisone, you may feel a lot less anxiety.
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