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MRI Results

For those of you who haven't read my previous post, I've been experiencing some odd neuorological symptoms. A little over a month ago,I developed symptoms including persistent one sided headache, stiff neck, unequal pupils, right eye pain, light sensitivity, feeling of pressure or "heaviness" in right eye, seeing flashes and floaters in my vision and olfactory hallucinations (smelling smoke when no one is smoking). Ive seen 2 opthamologists, 2 GP's and a neurologist. I passed the neurological examination many times and the eye doctors didnt see any swelling of the optic nerve. All the doctors diagnosed me with migraines.

I was still concerned and the symptoms persisted so I ordered a CT scan. It came back normal.

Then I heard that CT's can miss certain abnormalities so I ordered an MRI. The MRI came back normal.

So at this point, is it certain that I don't have a tumor causing this and it is migraines? I don't think there is a more accurate test than an MRI
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Your symptoms are way more consistent with migraine and your doctor should treat you for the migraines! Both ocular and classic.

I don't know of any other test and you should be happy to be clear of a any tumor. Also, see an eye doctor if you have not.
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