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Pituitary adenoma?

So after a little prodding my primary care doctor ran some labs on me and we found some weird stuff.

My prolactin was 28 (normal 3-17), my Estraidol was 68 (normal 6-20), my total testosterone was 236 (normal 340-1120).  My LH, free testosterone, t4 and thyroid panel were normal.    

My symptoms have been:  right pectoral pain and puffy nipple.  Right eye pain, around the socket and in the eye, pain in my face. Severe weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, insomnia, facial bloating, muscle loss in arms and very sharp pains in my head that only last for seconds.   I have also noted a fine tremor in my hands sometimes and decreased peripheral vision.  

I am scheduled for an MRI of my brain and stem this week.    Any thoughts or ideas as to what my problem could be?  
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For the record,  prolactinoma is 400+ prolactin level.

Prolactin levels becomes higher when the nipple is touched, pregnancy, or even in the morning.

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Let us know how it goes! Yeah, for a little thing they are miserable.
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Thanks for the reply rumpled!  

My primary said even though my numbers weren't through the roof she was pretty sure there is something brewing in my pituitary region.   I'm still waiting on the MRI.  

I saw your post about surgery, and I've seen others.   For some reason though, I am not scared of having it if I need it.   Anything is better than living in this misery.  M
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You have elevated prolactin and with the nipple issue and pain, it sounds suspicious to my layman opinion for a prolactinoma.

I am assuming the doc is imaging the brain stem for the tremor.

If you do have a prolactinoma, I would find a pituitary specialist. You may or may not get told your levels are too low to be an issue etc. ( I was told the same) but from experience I can tell you levels do not correlate to the size of the tumor or the extent of symptoms (for any pituitary tumor). I had a low level of elevation and had full lactation and many of the same symptoms you did.

It can be treated with medication if that is a prolactinoma and only if that does not work, surgery.
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