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Hello everyone. I have a 3mm cyst on my pituitary gland stock and just got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I'm wondering if any of you have had any personal experience in taking turmeric as a health supplement?? Has it changed your hormones at all?? For the better or for the worst?? I also have severe anxiety and depression and I've heard that it helps tremendously with these conditions as well. Thank you for your input. :)  
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My doc recommended it to me to boost Testosterone, before she knew I had a micro adenoma! I recommend you ingest an organic turmeric powder directly. Like turmeric tea with ginger or "golden milk" if you like something sweet. Getting curcumin extract in pill form seems to be better than turmeric from what I've read, but ofc do your research. It's too early for me to tell if my daily turmeric has worked, I'll be getting blood drawn soon, and will report back. All the best!
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I, Also, Have Hypothyroid, Results From Pituitary ADENOMA.  It was removed surgically & eventually My Adrenal Glands, therefore The Thyroid Doesn’t Function Properly.  I am on 200mcg Levothyroxine Daily.  I take Tumeric 200mg Twice A Day, Pill Form.  I take because I have Severe Back Problems, After Reading It’s Benefit As Pain Relief, I Began Taking It.  I Must Confess That I Cannot Feel That It Is Very Beneficial.  I continue to have to take my Pain Meds.  As Far As The Thyroid Follow The Advice Of A Great Endocrinologist, Take The Medication He Or She Prescribes For You.  They Will Do Bloodwork Often To Verify Your Dose Is Adequate, If Not, They Will Adjust It Accordingly.  Ask Their Opinion On Supplements As Well As The Way It Will Interact With The Medication Prescription.  Best Of Luck With The Progression With The Thyroid.
I am commenting on my own answer, sorry.  Has Your Doctor Discussed The Surgical Removal Of Your Pituitary ADENOMA?  I also have Anxiety & Depression.  However, Under The Care Of An EXCELLENT PSYCHARIST (sp?) I Am On A Minimal Dose Of Two Antidepressants & One Anti-Anxiety Medication.  Minimal, For Me, Because I Was Under The Care Of A Second Rate Dr And Overloaded With Meds To The Point Of Seizures!  So, Please, Consult In Your Area For Very Qualified Physicians, IN ALL FIELDS, FOR YOUR HYPERPARATHYROIDISM, DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY!  This Is For Your Benefit, I Am Not A Doctor, and I Know Probably You May Think I Am ‘PREACHING MEDICATIONS AND HEALTH ISSUES’, I Had To Take My Health Issues In My Own Hands About 30 Years Ago When I Was Dismissed By A ‘Health Official, a Physicians Assistant, Failed To Take My Concerns Seriously’!  So, In Reality, I Recognize The Need For Doctors That Take Our Concerns Seriously, If Not, Then Find Another That Will.  No Matter What Is Talked Up Regarding ‘OTC MIRACLE CURES’ They Will Not Cure Anything That Lurks Below The Surface Of Our Bodies As GREAT AND ADEQUATE MEDICAL CARE, VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS MAY HELP TO MAKE SURE YOUR BODY HAS SOME MORE OF THE VITAMINS WE NEED BUT, NOT WITHOUT OUR DOCTORS ADVICE ‘!
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