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Will cabergoline help get my weight back to normal?

Hello, I've recently been diagnosed with 2 prolactinomas after going for help about producing breast milk and gaining weight without eating. I've been assured that the cabergoline will shrink the tumours but I'm concerned about the weight gain. Doctors don't have answers other than the prolactinomas could be affecting my hormones causing me to retain water weight. I've gained about 2 stone and really am not eating anything that would cause that I am also very active. I've not changed my lifestyle at all for years yet the weight has increased. I was hoping someone could tell me if it's likely that the cabergoline will help the weight to go with it being hormonal. I get regular blood tests and my thyroid seems to be ok it's on the low side but they don't give medication when it's still normal.
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Hi love! I have no experience with cab yet, but from the Facebook groups for prolactinoma there are women who do indeed go back to their natural weight. It is not abnormal to lose 10-20lbs after 2 months on cab from what I've read. Keep positive:) Wish you all the best.
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