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pituitary gland tumor?

Hi, can
the pituitary gland tumor cause white mater damage? ( i have 5mm dmg ) i had MRI without
the pituitary gland and its shows only this dmg and sinus problems. I have problems with Thyroid and groins low Testosteron and "drunk" felling all the time my head spin and my montion sickness is geting worst. Sometimes i feel like something " pulse" in my head and its hurt when i move it side to side ( and i have ocsionaly blured vision ) Sorry for my english
Ps: there are more symptoms, but im not sure if they " suit" up this problem.
Please, my doc think i have depresion or something and dont want to help other way then giving me antidepresants ( and im not depresed) :/

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I am only a patient but in my experience, I have not found that the pituitary itself causes white matter damage. That being said, it can be caused by high blood pressure (pituitary can cause that) stroke (ditto), and low immunity conditions (some pituitary conditions reduce immunity, and once you have one auto-immune disease it is easier to get another).

Pituitary disorders do cause depression. Some of us get dizzy but I am not sure if related.

Your doctor has to find the type of pituitary tumor and the source of the white matter damage.
I too had a result of white matter damage, and the mri did not include my pituitary, but I have many symptoms of a pituitary tumor or hypopituitarism. Still trying to get a Dr who will listen. I'm 39. Haven't had a period in 5 months. Many many more bothersome symptoms, such as super intense migraines. ..
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