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Hypoechoic mass on imaging. Cancer?

Very anxious about well defined hypoechoic mass with low level internal echoes 3cm from nipple in the skin subcutaneous tissue s/o inflammatory lesion otherwise both breast are normal echotexutre after physical examination my doctor told 100%  there is no disease becuase mass is getting smaller but recommended biopsy. Very anxious about biopsy Please answer.
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We hope you have had good news since posting this.  Can you send a follow up for us with an update?  We are thinking of you.
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I went for biopsy doctor recommended for mammography after doing mammography doctor told me its keloid and it is not related to breast it's related to skin and told to see a dermatologist...
That's awesome news. :)

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I know it's very scary, but try not to panic yet.

Did they give you a BI-RADS score?


When is your biopsy?
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No they did not gave any birads score but my doctor told me that mammograms is normal. My biopsy is next week very anxious about biopsy. My doctor is very confident that there is nothing but he told can't take chance so we should do biopsy.
Well, so far, that's really good news.

I'm not a doctor, but found this -

https://breast-cancer.ca/ultrahypo-echosolid/ - going through the terms your report says (I'm assuming it's an ultrasound), it sounds like it's benign, which is probably why your doctor is saying not to worry.

The waiting is really terrible. Try to hang in there.
But in report it is mentioned that no focal solid is seen
Well, in medicine, this is the definition of a mass:

In medicine, a lump in the body. It may be caused by the abnormal growth of cells, a cyst, hormonal changes, or an immune reaction. A mass may be benign (not cancer) or malignant (cancer).


You really should talk to your doctor about what exactly this is. I'm just trying to google all these terms.

If it's not solid, it could be a cyst, but there's this:


A cyst is seen on USG as a well-defined, round or oval, anechoic structure with a thin wall [Figure 2A].

That says anechoic, not hypoechoic. (This may help understand these terms - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3063344/) In one of the photos on this page, it says that adipose tissue is hypoechoic. You could have normal adipose tissue. In my first mammogram, they thought I had something suspicious, and I went though the US and biopsy, and it turned out to be normal adipose tissue.

Is this your first mammo? It's good that your doctor is being extra cautious, but with first mammograms, they have to check everything, because they have no other images of your breasts to compare it to. It's very scary.

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