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Anyone with a Birads 4a in breast u/s had a good outcome?

After finding a breast lump I was sent for a u/s . It showed a lump 8,6*4,6mm smooth and round.

Birads was 4a. I am going to a specialist tomorrow and terrified
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Yes.  I had A birad of 5 and did not have cancer!  It's very scary.  When is your biopsy?  Try not to be scared.  I know that is easy to say but trying not to worry until you have to is important!  hugs
Thank you! I am going this afternoon to a breast specialist surgeon he wants to examine me first and we will discuss steps. Did y have a biopsy? Is it done under anesthesia? Glad all was well for you
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Oh good, glad you are going today.  I now it is really scary.  Been there!  But proactive doctors are the best thing.  I did have a biopsy.  I did not have a surgical biopsy but what is called a needle biopsy.  I was given the choice and chose the less invasive option.  My kids were little at the time and it is much less of a procedure to have a needle biopsy.  If I'd had a positive result from the needle biopsy, then you have to do the surgical one which is the down side.  It was not bad.  

Let me know how your appointment goes.  hugs
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Hi guys. The surgeon couldn't feel anything . He said anything under 1 cm is not palpable but he is sending me for a mammo and a new u/s because he doesn't trust the u/s I did yesterday. Phew another night of worry.I will be getting the results immediately and will be seeing him afterwards
Oh gosh.  I'm sorry you have to go through another evening of worry but glad the surgeon has many doubts about your actual situation.  So, you are havin another mammo very soon?  
Yes, its 8 am here I will be leaving soon I am petrified
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Hi!! I went to a specialist breast center did a mammo and a new u/s with doppler and the specialist said its not malignant!! I will follow up with a u/s in 6 months but she also noticed it in last years' mamo which she said is very good.  So got Birad 3 now. The radiologist on Monday hadnt noticed it!! I am so happy !! Wishing everyone health and safety.

YAY! YAY! YAY!  I'm so happy for you!!!  What a huge relief!!!  Come back and visit us!  But never for this reason again, right?!  hugs
I will Thanks!!
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