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Aromatase Inhibitors or surgery

I have ILC with a 1.5cm Stage 1 Grade 2 ER positive tumor. Are there any findings that tumors can be stablized or reduced in size with use of aromatase inhibitors exclusively?
I have heard that in Europe, aromatase inhibitors are used for treatment instead or before a lumpectomy not just for recurrence prevention?  
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When you type in ILC, is that for invasive lobular carcinoma? All these initials, I'm never sure what is being referred to.

I had stage 3 invasive lobular carcinoma with 2 of 9 nodes involved, ER & PR positive 90%, HER2 Negative. I know it's a personal choice about treatments, but I couldn't wait for the surgeon to get that thing off of me! It terrified me that I had a cancer that I couldn't see or feel. It didn't show up on any of my mammograms. Fortunately they found a piece of it on an ultra sound and thought it was the same size as yours. Then an MRI showed what it really was... 10 cm... The other breast comes off in March 09. Honestly, I can't wait! I wish they had taken them both at the same time. At my first GYNE appt. after my treatment, my Dr. found a lump in the one I have left. This one you can feel. But they can't get a picture of it, not with mammogram, ultra sound or MRI. I'm waiting on the biopsy now. As long as I have a breast I will have this same worry. I say...take it now! Get it gone! Not to mention they'll reconstruct at the same time and I'll have perky TaTa's again. Peace of mind is everything... at least for me.
Another thing to consider is that every drug has side effects...
Best of luck with that difficult decision. Whatever you decide, it will be the best decision for YOU.  :)
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Aromatase Inhibitors are not used for this purpose ... they have no real effect on a tumor. Often Chemotherapy is used to reduce the size of a tumor before surgery but the main objective is to REMOVE the tumor and any other tissue that might contain cancer cells. Is there some reason that you are reluctant to have surgery ?? I'm sorry but I have to admit that choosing not to have a cancerous tumor removed is something I can't understand. Refusing treatment of course is one's right but in a case such as yours it seems a rather foolish choice. Without delay I would advise you to follow the recommendation of your Physicians.  Regards ...
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