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Article on Microcalcifications - maybe this will answer some questions

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For the first time, this small, but crucial study seemingly documents the huge 70% risk of ADH and/or early staged cancer found with Clustered micro-calcifications in High Risk women. For those doing surveillance, this study demonstrates the importance of vigilant screenings using ALL diagnostic tools currently available.


BACKGROUND: Abnormal screening mammographic findings are the most common presentation of ductal carcinoma in situ, which usually appears as a cluster of microcalcifications. No report has documented the risk of malignancy between the finding of a cluster of microcalcifications and women with high risk of breast cancer.

METHODS: We investigated the morphologic descriptors of a cluster of microcalcifications in women with a high risk for breast cancer and compared the results with the characteristics of a cluster of microcalcifications in other women. A retrospective review was performed for 81 non-palpable clusters of microcalcifications that had stereotactic vacuum-assisted breast biopsy.

RESULTS: The frequency of malignancy associated with a cluster of microcalcifications was 27%. The 50% frequency of malignancy with high risk for breast cancer was higher, but not significantly so, than the 24% frequency of 71 cases without high risk for breast cancer (P = 0.125). The frequency of malignancy and ADH of a cluster of microcalcifications with high risk of breast cancer was 70%, significantly HIGHER than the 30% frequency of 71 cases without high risk of breast cancer (P = 0.028).

CONCLUSIONS: A cluster of microcalcifications in women with high risk for breast cancer should be considered suspicious and referred for biopsy.
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I also appreciated this article, and my history is very much like iam1butterfly's.
I just had biopsies a week ago for two clusters of microcalcifications and LCIS was
found. I'm very grateful it wasn't cancer, but it certainly emphasizes the need to get
the biopsies done. This is my third time in five years (the other two found fibro-adenomas and other proliferative changes) and it is really stressful. The biggest consolation is that if it ever is cancer, it'll be found at a really early stage and highly curable. We all need to continue to be vigilent and hopeful.
I'm glad I found this site-everyone seems to want to be helpful and supportive, so thanks to all!
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Thank you so much for sharing this interesting and important study information.
With my family history of Breast Cancer; having Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast;
my never having had children; plus, having had  2 separate occurrences of microcalcification cluster formations, I am undoubtably in the high risk category.
So, these study statistics are of particular interest to me.
Thanks again.
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