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BIRADS- showed Incomplete

Good evening,
I wrote earlier an forgot to include that in my report BIrad it showed incomplete. Needed further evaluatin MRI in both breasts.
Specialist suggested to wait 3 months an see if lump grows an measured it. Dont want to over react. But dont want to underreact too. I was scheduled for a MRI on Feb 21.  Was cancelling it. Now I am thinking why cancel it.
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Hi again,
If your BI-RADS score stated on your mammogram and ultrasound was Category 0, (Incomplete)it means that these tests didn't give the radiologist enough information to make a clear diagnosis.
If I were you I would insist in having the MRI as scheduled by your radiologist,especially because the lump detected by your breast specialist is hard to detect.
MRI test are usually recommended when things are not clear to the radiologist and I think that for you own peace of mind it would be best to go ahead and have the test done.
Take care...
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Hi Kathy,
I agree with Sue Young55,that a BIRADS category 3 means that your Ultrasound results is 90% probably benign,because there are no suspicious lesions, masses, or calcifications to report, but follow-up is recommended.
If I were you I would not worry so much about the results which seem good to me.
Take care....
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Birads 3 would let me sleep at night for a follow up in 6 months if I'd never had cancer before.

Best wishes.
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  Doctor just called with results of second ultrasound. The brads report showed a 3. What does this mean. She said it means a 2.5 percent change you have cancer. She also said she trusted the Radiologist an not to be concerned. She also said that they wanted me to have a follow up Mamogram an Ultrasound in 6 months on my right breast to look at lump, breast microcalcification an look of the breast, an follow up to see her.  Any suggestions women. I am totally not sure of this.

thanks Kathie
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Hi Kathie.
I am glad you called your doctor to keep your appointment as scheduled for the MRI test.
There is nothing better than having peace of mind when it concerns our health.
Thank you for letting us know about your decision,I am sure that Japdip and Katrin will be glad too.
All the best to you and God Bless.
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   After much prayer, and reading , I decided to push for the MRI, called the doctor back an am sheduled for the 21st of February. Thanks for your thoughts, katarina 777, and japdip too,

Thanks again,
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I  tend to agree with the woman doctor who was not really concerned.

On the other hand, why delay an MRI for three months if you can have it now, and this way save three months of worry and anxiety?

For that reason alone I  join zouzi and japdip  in  their recommendations to get the MRI over and done with.

Take care, Katrin
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First may I suggest that you keep all your posts in the same thread ..... if you have an additional comment to make please add it to your first post as a comment. This way we have all the information in one place when answering and you also will have all of our comments in one place .... I will treat your previous post (first one) as a duplicate and ans. here.   Thanks
If the Radiologist could not come up with a final reading from the films that were taken then I would NOT hesitate to go ahead with his/her recommendation for the MRI. Please know that I'm not in favor of "over-testing" but when the Expert cannot get enough information from the films taken then it's time to do some additional investigation. A diagnosis CANNOT be made by "feel" alone and I wouldn't be comfortable waiting even three months when no conclusion could be reached by the Radiologist. IF the MRI shows nothing that's a good thing and IF it does show something that's a good thing also .... if there is something to be concerned about >> the earlier the better.  Take care .....
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