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Biopsy completed no cancer but

benign breast tissue with atrophic changes and fibrosis/fibrocycstic changes- which is fine but what does papillary apocrine hyperplasia noted with few microcalcifications mean?
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Hello and welcome to the forum!  I am happy that your biopsy revealed no cancer. That is great news.  Are you having a follow up to discuss the results?  That is normally scheduled so your doctor can go over anything you don't understand.  In the meantime, we'll try to help. Papillary aprocrine hyperplasia is a long medical term, isn't it? Papillary apocrine change is a rare condition that involves the cells lining the inside of the breast duct (epithelium). There is an overgrowth of cells that have “apocrine” features, meaning that the gel-like substance that fills the cell (called cytoplasm) is grainy.  It does not mean an increased risk of cancer, thankfully.  Microcalcifications can happen as well and can be unrelated to cancer. They take it all as a whole to assess risk.  Please let me know when you follow up with your doctor and what they say.  
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