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Breast Mass


    I am a 30 y/o female with no history of BC in my family. My PCP had found a lump during her CBE and sent me for Mammo and Ultrasound evaluation. I have a History of having a Fibroadenoma removed from my rt breast in '97 and one from my lt breast in '02.

I had the evals done and just received the report. I have questions regarding the findings, but only find scary answers on-line. I have called my Dr. with no luck due to the fact she has been out sick all week. Please help me if you can: (i understand you cannot give definate answers, but help in understanding would be wonderful)

Palpable right breast lump 5cm from the nipple demonstrate;   Heterogeneous Vascular Mass measuring 2.5 x 2.3 x 2.8 cm. The Mass is Lobulated with well Circumscribed Margins.

The Radiologist also reported that I needed a referral to a sergeon for an excisional biopsy. That just has to wait untill my Dr. is back from sick leave.

Thank you,
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Dear kmb022, There is not much more to say at this point.  From the information available the next step is further evaluation to see what this is, and that step is usually going to be biopsy.  The surgeon would be best able to discuss with you after review of the films, your history and physical examination, that further evaluation and if biopsy is recommended the type of biopsy most appropriate to your situation.   Hopefully it will turn out to be a benign (non-cancerous) process but until there is more information it is impossible to rule out the possibility completely.  You may want to see if the radiologist or someone covering for your PCP who could refer you to a surgeon to get the process rolling (for your peace of mind).  
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my scenario is almost completely identical, down to the size and position and wording i also had some clustered mass with cystic-something including floating debris verbalized during my ultra sound. I had to read it carefully because I thought it was MY post! And I am 31 I do not know what any of this means. The radiologist told me that she could not with ANY confidence tell me that it is not malignant. My very first exam to check on this was less than a week ago. I have had 4 appointments with various people since then and a pre-op appt for my excisional biopsy tomorrow. i have been expedited onto the Komen Project, which I was told "will pay for everything beginning to end." whatever that means

good luck to you, i will add this to my add list...update with what ends up happening
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Thank you.... Your help is greatly appreciated....
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