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Breast abscess/skin thickening

Hello, I noticed a spot just beside my nipple on my left breast, that was raised up a while ago, maybe 18 months. Closest I could find online was it was Montgomery glands... side note, I have not breastfed for over 2 years when I first noticed it.  It didn’t change too much until one day when it started to resemble more of a pimple/boil and was very tender and hot.  It burst through rubbing on my bra one day and it bled a lot, there was pus, it was sore, not pleasant.
Went and saw dr he wasn’t overly concerned, gave me antibiotic ointment to use and sent me for an ultrasound on just the one that I came in for, not bilateral. Ultrasounds shows no specific skin thickening.  I have also noticed this breast has grown a bit, there’s redness that is in one side of it and some other red spots, it doesn’t quite look like peau d’orange but there is some skin dimpling. I have noticed more of these raised spots on both breasts now. I’m worried about IBC but he doesn’t think it’s anything concerning because no lumps or signs of malignancy. But I know with ibc it doesn’t follow the normal cancer warnings and such.  I’m 31.. what could I do to get further testing done or am I just overly worried? It is itchy but not constantly   The other spots have not started to form the abscess like lesion that got me nervous in the first place, but I don’t want it to get to that if I co to use to ignore it like I did the first one for so long.  
Might it be Paget’s disease?
(I’m also borderline diabetic and anemic, have recurring kidney issues and am dealing with a kidney stone right now can, with absolutely no chance of pregnancy at all and no breastfeeding for a number of years
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This article provides an overview of breast infection vs. inflammatory breast cancer:


If your symptoms persist, consider referral to breast specialist +/- biopsy.
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Yes, I have read through this and others thoroughly, which is what’s causing the concern.  My dr says it’s nothing, but I don’t think he’s overly familiar with IBC ... and doesn’t want to do more tests. :(
Thanks for your reply though. :)
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