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Bruises on Upper Breast

Hi all,

I'm 24, and I went tanning two days ago (I know, I know..) Right after we came out of our booths, I noticed two small bruises on the tops of my breasts. They're almost identical, which makes me doubt any serious, potentially cancerous cause for them. But I didn't bump them at all. They're about the size of.... a child's fingertip? Smaller than a dime anyway. And they're a brownish hue, with some blood vessel dots in/around/near them. I'm concerned that it might be something serious. Any ideas please? I can also upload a photo, if need be.

Thanks guys.
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There are many things that could cause bruises in the breast. The most common is injury to delicate blood vessels that causes bleeding under the skin. Sometimes, simply bumping into something will cause a bruise and very often we may not even remember when or how it happened. Also during hormonal fluctuation, the tissues of the breast can be easily bruised by slight pressure and even spontaneously.
In my opinion, the chances that these bruises on your breast are related to cancer is close to zero.
Usually bruises, caused by injury, change color during the healing process. If this does not happen over the next week or two, or if you notice a lump under the bruises, then have your doctor check it out okay?
Take care.

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Thank you so much for your response. It is greatly appreciated!!
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