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Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammogram

I received a call back from my mammogram.  I am scheduled to come in this week for a Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammography.  I have not had this before.  The report says Left Asym.  I asked the nurse for more details.  The nurse said there was a slight spot with asym from last years mammogram.  She said I have extremely dense breasts.  
I am concerned.  I have had additional mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies.  I do not know about CEDM.  Does the application of this test indicate greater likelihood that cancer is suspected?
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Hello. I wanted to circle back and see what the outcome was from your mammogram.  We wish you the best.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. We thank you for your question.  Any updates from your contrast mammogram?  Being called back is always scary but is a good thing as it means that they want to be thorough.  It doesn't mean you have cancer, it just means they want to get a better look.  CEDM or contrast enhanced digital mammograms are a great tool for getting a clear view.  When breast tissue is dense which is not uncommon and happens more and more as we age, this type of mammography greatly helps.  https://densebreast-info.org/enhanced-breast-mammography.aspx  That link gives information about this type of diagnostic tool.  This link talks about dense breast tissue.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/mammogram/in-depth/dense-breast-tissue/art-20123968  In and of itself, dense breast tissue is not a concern but it makes it more difficult to detect issues or cancer and has a link to developing breast cancer in the future.  

Please let us know the findings of your mammogram and we'll be thinking of you.
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