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Correcting sagging breasts with breast lift surgery

I am 54 years old and I think that I look matronly because my breasts are sagging. Could you tell me about "breast lift" surgery? What does the surgery entail? How long would I have to take off from work? Are there a lot of scars?
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Dear Nessannicholas,

There are basically three types of cosmetic breast surgeries: breast lift, breast reduction, and breast enlargement (augmentation). Depending on your specific case, one or more of these techniques would be helpful to restore a youthful look to your bosom.

Breasts are not stagnant organs, they are always changing throughout life. In a young women they grow and develop. They change each month with the menstrual cycle. Pregnancy affects the breasts as does nursing. Aging causes a loss of breast tissue and nipples are lower than they were on the younger breast. It is not only the size that changes, but the internal tissue changes as it becomes less dense, that is less fibrous, and more fatty. In addition, gravity and the weight of the breast tissue causes the skin to stretch and skin elasticity decreases. As a result the shape of the breast goes from a cone-like to a more teardrop shape.

A breast lift can accomplish several things. It can restore the breast to a more cone-like shape by making the envelope of skin smaller. It can relocate the nipple, putting it where it would be located on a more youthful breast.

Although breast lift is a simple surgical procedure, the outcome usually leaves the patient with scars that are noticeable when she is naked. Scars vary from one patient to the next so it is difficult to predict who will heal with just a thin line and who will have more noticeable scars. It takes about one year to know the actual outcome of the scarring.

Most patients can return to work after a week and can resume most normal activities after two weeks although lifting, carrying and working out are restricted for six weeks.

Nessannicholas, depending upon your needs, you may be a candidate for a breast lift, reduction or enlargement. At this point, I suggest a consultation with a plastic surgeon.
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Since this Forum deals specifically with breast cancer issues,I am afraid I can’t  help you much regarding breast lifting procedure.There are several sites over the Internet were you can obtain valuable information.I have found one that could be of interest to  you.
Please copy and paste the link below.
Best wishes…
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