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Do I have cancer

So I'm 15 years old, and my breasts are quite painful, when I lay on my stomach or something presses against them. Like if I push gently around the edge it hurts, some days more than others but it's constant. If I press Half an inch to an inch up from the nipple there's a few small hard circle shaped things? Like tiny semicircles, there hard though, well they arnt soft. There firm. The most painful part is like an inch away from the nipple all around except at the top where the circles are. That's kinda painless a bit tender but not as much.
I don't really know what it is and I'm scared to tell anyone incase it's just nothing and then I'll seem like a little weird attention seeker. But if it is cancer or whatever I don't wanna leave it too long with out being treated of course.
Please help
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First of all NEVER be afraid to tell someone because you don't want to seem foolish !! At your age there will be many changes in your body due to hormones. It's all a part of growing up. These hormonal changes are responsible for the symptoms you have described. Please discuss these issues with your Mother or some other adult female family member. Maybe you could even speak with a Nurse at your school if you have one OR even ask your Mom (or whomever) to make an appointment with your Family Doctor for an exam and have a discussion about these changes. Please don't be worrying about Breast Cancer but do talk to someone about this.  Take care now .....
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Thank you, I will speak to my mum tomorrow :)
Take care x
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Good for you ..... Take care now.
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