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Do I keep pushing for answers? Breast dimpling and no answers

Hi there! I’m a 30 year old mama of 4. I have always kept an eye on my breast because it runs deep in both sides of my family. Last September I noticed a dimple in my right breast, on the lower, outside quadrant. I immediately followed up with my OBGYN and they said I was fine because they couldn’t feel anything. We followed up again in October because it got bigger. This time I was sent for an ultrasound which came back “normal”. My doctor did decide to start alternating mammograms and mri twice a year. My first mammogram was good and my MRI came back as very limited because my breast are heterogeneous. I have seen a breast surgeon and she noted that something on my MRI needed to be addressed with the tumor bored. She came back saying we would continue to monitor me closely but that was it. There was extensive color artifact in my right breast but no mass. Has anyone had something similar? My right breast is sore pretty much all the time, I have a new dimple a few inches above the other and I just feel worried something is being missed.
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I've had not exactly that situation but want to tell you that the fact that you're being followed so closely is terrific.  Between the ultrasound, mri and mammograms and the fact that a breast surgeon (already very savvy) discussed your imaging with a tumor board (a bunch of experts collaborating) and they are just monitoring is very reassuring.  So, dimpling occurs when cancer is involved because it grows over a tumor.  you've had 4 children.  Breast fed any?  Could any of this have to do with that?  I really don't know but a question for your doctor.  You can have dimpling for benign situations of the breast.  Remember that.  For now, I'd keep up on top of this working with your doctors.  That way, if there are ANY changes, you catch it early.  i know as a mom myself . . . we don't have time for cancer!!  :)))  hugs
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