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Does this mean breast cancer?

I had a 3D mammo because of a large mass in my right breast.  I was told a 3D is much more accurate than a standard mammo.  Nobody would tell me the result of this but now they say I need an ultrasound.  If the 3D is so accurate why would they need an ultrasound?  That means cancer,right?  Nobody willtellme anything and I amso scared.
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I am so sorry you aren't getting clear answers.  My doctor pretty much told me from me 2nd mammo (6 month follow up) and u/s that they believed I had cancer.  And another told me the same thing before my biopsy.  
I believe there is a truth in the saying "No news is good news".  
I know it's hard, and nerve wracking, and Damn Scary!  But, you can handle this!  
Maybe take a family member or friend with you to your appts to take notes.  That's what I did.  And seriously, I would read the notes taken the next day and not remember 3/4 of what was written, or I would remember things completely different then what was actually said.  
Your head is spinning...you are scared!  
I hope you get answers soon!!!  Hang in there!  
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I believe I addressed your concerns in my response to your post of July 14th. At that time I mentioned that Mammogram and Ultrasound were sometimes necessary to determine the nature of any finding in the breast. You need to speak to your Dr. for answers regarding your concerns and I believe I advised this also in my previous response. You evidently have been told quite a lot here as well as from your Dr. and the Radiologist that read your films. Please speak to the Dr.,or his/her Nurse who ordered your tests. They have all your information and know the answers and will be more than happy to explain things to you. As I stated before Cancer cannot be determined until a biopsy is done so be patient and take things one step at a time and ASK questions of the Professionals who are treating you.   Kindest regards ....
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I am terrified and confused and cannot remember the many,many things I have been told in the last few days and that includes posts here.  But you are wrong -- no one has been "more than happy" to explain things.  The medical professionals have not been forthcoming, they have been elusive and reluctant which leads me to believe they are hiding something very bad.
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I'm sorry but there is no way that we or your Dr.s can make you remember what you have been told about these circumstances. Perhaps you could ask you family Dr. for some type of medication that would help in calming these fears that you seem to have about cancer.
I will try one more time to assure you that the Dr.s certainly are NOT trying to hide anything from you ... why in world would they do that ?? For the third time I will say that there are no answers until all your tests have been completed and only a biopsy can diagnose cancer .... not size nor how something looks on film. It also might help if you would call your Dr..s office and ask for a copy of the reports on the tests that have been done so far. At the bottom of the page there is always an "opinion" as well as some recommendation as to what should be done next. I would also like to ask if in the future you have more questions, you would add them to the same post so that all your information is together. It makes it much easier for us to get the compete picture and would even be a help to you to be able to read what you have ask as well as our answers since you say you have trouble remembering what you're being told.  Call you Dr. .... ask the Nurse ... read the reports or better yet have them read and explained to you but don't expect answers before there are answers. Every test that is done has a different purpose and they are always used in combination to get an accurate conclusion.   Regards .....
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Checking to see if you have had your ultrasound yet??
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