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Focal Asymmetry 3 cm with associated amorphous calcifications

Having trouble learning if characteristics of my findings are any more or any less concerning.  A focal asymmetry measuring 3 cm with associated amorphous calcifications were found in my right breast.  I read a lot about the presence of EITHER a focal asymmetry OR calcifications but, cannot find anything on the meaning of both being identified together.  The left breast shows no masses, distortions or suspicous calcifications.  Right breast does show scattered fibroglandular densities.  

Because of the holidays and travel, I am unable to have my follow up ( which includes magnification views with sonogram) at the same facility that performed my baseline unless I wait about 8 weeks.  I am opting to having these performed sooner rather than later between now and Christmas in another state.  Any experience and insight you can provide would be truly appreciated!!!!!  I have no patience and don't want to google this stuff until I drop!!!

Thank you!
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I'm sure you have been given the opportunity to discuss these findings with your Physician whom I would think might be a breast Specialist. This is your best place to get your answers as this would pertain to your specific situation. General information is just that ..."general" and rarely would take into consideration a specific case. You should be sure that the new institution and Radiologist will have your previous films for comparison when you have your additional films done. This is very important so you should take copies with you .... NOT the reports but the actual films. It's usually a good idea to have all your filming done at the same institution if possible; just be sure you take your first films with you.    Regards ....
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Thank you for the advice, I do have my baseline Images to take with me.  
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