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How do I interpet these results

I went for my first mammogram and my doctor calls me that I have to go for a breast ultrasound.  I went for my ultrasound and the tech said I will show the pictures to the doctor who reviews them and come back.  So i'm waiting and she comes back with the doctor who says I need a biopsy and they scheduled it for the middle of May.  So now I have to wait.  Can you tell me what this means...

FINDINGS: There is a lobulated hypoechoic mass at 300 o'clock 7cm form the nipple corresponding to the mammographic finding.  This measures up to 2.1cm.

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So first, I hate waiting, and it seems inhumane for them to tell you all this and then make you wait 2 weeks. I get it.


Lobulated means it looks like it has lobes, like the brain has two different lobes. Hypoechoic means it looks dark.

BI-RADS 4 means it is suspicious for cancer, but doesn't definitely look like cancer, and further testing needs to happen - https://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer/screening-tests-and-early-detection/mammograms/understanding-your-mammogram-report.html

So, nothing is definite. I'm sure it's scary, but really, it's still unknown. Let us know what happens, and if you have any other questions. Hang in there!
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