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My mother is been detected with INFILATRATING DUCTABLE CANCER grade 2. i'm not clear about which stage it falls under and which surgery is preferable for this kind of cancer.

she has a lump of 3cms which was initially detected after second look and mamography one more lump of 9mm is been seen near the earlier lump.

she also has cardiac problem their seems to be blockage in her right valve and so she has not recieved a fitness certificate and her surgery is pending.

please help me as am clueless and feel hopeless to this scenario. which surgery is preferable in this case should she go through Lumpectomy or Mastectomy?

would the delay caused by her heart issues increase the risk of cancer to grow more?
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I wouldn't worry about the delay as these times are necessary. Your Mother absolutely does need to be certified OK for whatever surgery is recommended. There should be communication between your Mother's Cardiologist and her Surgeon and possibly also her Oncologist. The stage of any cancer is determined after the specimen has been examined and the Pathology report is completed so a stage at this point would only be a number and that would change following all the tissue testing after surgery. The additional 9mm lump would most likely be removed along with the primary finding and all the tissue submitted would be examined by the Pathologist. Whether it's related to the primary malignancy wouldn't really matter much since her cancer has already been diagnosed as "infiltrating".
The type of surgery will be determined after discussions between all the Doctors and of course her clearance for the procedure related to her cardiac issues. Best wishes to you both and please return to post if you have any other concerns or questions regarding your Mother's situation.  
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thanks a lot for replying. we went to a different cardiologist and he had given a OK and surgery date of 15th Jan is confirmed is it too late. what does Infiltrating duct carcinoma, grade II. actually mean. if we wait that long would she be in risk of cancer spreading as her biopsy is done and she is worried that it might infect and spread.
should she have MRI done as suggested by my family members to check if cancer has spread elsewhere its not suggested till now by doctors.
our doctors are not clearly speaking to us and we have hardly spoken to them once till now as there is a long list of patients waiting to be attended. I m not sure if I should continue my mothers treatment there or should go for any private hospital. currently we are going to tata memorial which is one of the best cancer hospitals in Mumbai.
I don't know the cost after surgery there and in private zone can you help me with this info.
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The meaning of your Mother's type of cancer :  Ductal cancer means that the cancer cells started growing in the milk duct of the breast and rather than remaining contained within the milk duct, they have gone through the duct lining to invade the breast tissue outside the milk duct. Ductal Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer.  The wait for surgery is of no concern; in every case there are always delays in scheduling and they are usually at least a month and sometimes more. I personally was diagnosed in the month of August and didn't have surgery until the month of October. Your Mother's date seems quite reasonable. An MRI would not be a routine exam before this type of surgery; often when certain types of cancerous tumors are diagnosed the Oncologist will request a PET scan to detect if the cancer has affected other organs in the body but these scans may also be done after the surgery IF deemed necessary due to the nature of the cancer cells in the tissue removed and tested. As far as staying where you are for the surgery; this would only mean further delays in the procedure. When you change Doctors or Medical facilities they usually prefer to do their own testing and investigating and you have stated that your current choice of Hospitals is the best in the area so I would think there would be no reason to change. As far as cost I really have no way to help you; I have no idea where you might get this information unless the Hospitals have some information regarding cost of procedures. As far as not being able to speak with your Doctors as much as you like; this unfortunately is a common problem world wide. You need to be aggressive in asking when you do speak with them OR contact their Nurses or other assistants for information.  Kindest regards .....
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thanks a lot for your help..
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hi... my mother is facing a new problem from last few days. we even check with a doctor but she isnt aware of it and she would be undergoing surgery this friday, she is feeling a weird tingling sensation in her pelvic area which is continous. she is not able to sleep or do day to day activities she constantly feels need to pee.
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This may be an indication of a bladder infection or something similar. If she has pain or burning when she does urinate this would be another indication of this type of minor infection. If you see a Dr. about this and I think you should definitely contact the surgeon; some testing of her urine would certainly determine what the problem is and it could be treated. I suppose there is a possibility that it could be stress related although her symptoms would be rather unusual. Hopefully it is nothing serious and doesn't delay her surgery.   Regards ....
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thanks alot
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