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In the retoareolar region a questionable hypoechoic region

In the right breast in the retroareolar region a questionable hypoechoic region measures 9x6x5 mm, of uncertain significance. It is recommended the patient return of both breasts for MRI for further evaluation.

How big is this, tiny the size of a pin or top of pin?

I am scheduled to be seen by a breast specialist on Monday to discuss my images,ultrasound an upcoming MRI breasts imaging.

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A 9mm lump is small,a little less than 1/2 inch.
It's very good that you are seeing a breast specialist who will clarify everything for you on Monday
MRI is an excellent tool to detect abnormalities when a woman has dense breast.
I hope that everything will tun up just fine for you.
All the best and good luck!
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Hi Kathie,
I just sent you a private message,in answer to your questions,but I hope that the wonderful women in this Forum will comment if they have any additional information to give you.
Take care..
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  Hello all who have written me an helped me along the way. I received a call from Simon Med yesterday an they said my Insurance denied the MRI, an said to have a biopsy the next step insurance would pay for. I called my Breast Specialist last night an she said she would review my report an call the radiologist an call me in the morning. I received a call from my doctor who said that they wanted to do another Ultrasound to relook at what they had seen before, would I be ok with this I said yes. She said after the Ultrasound we would go from there. They called from Simon Med an got me in this morning for the Ultrasound. She looked at both breast an said the left lump looked like a sebaceous cyst, an the right because it is behind the nipple can show a shadowing an was having a hard time seeing, but said she thought it was a sebaceous cyst too. She touched it an said it was too small to touch an not to worry about it. She said they would see me again in 6 months. I am waiting now for my Breast Specialist to read the report an tell me what she wrote. Will wait an go from here. Is there anyone that has had the same type of reading an can give me some kind of reasurance to not worry. I have learned of Theremal Imagaing that can detect cancer up to 8 yrs . Has anyone heard of this, an should this be considered with my dense breasts.
Thank you zouzi and Thanks to everyone for all your help an concern. It has been well appreciated.
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A little suggestion.
Please, if you have any additional questions keep it on the same thread  (Use the "post a comment" below the answer you have received )
You could use the thread where bluebutterfly2222 has already responded to you.
This helps to have all your information together so we can better help you.
Thank you.
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Hi again.
A dilated breast duct is known as ductal ectasia. This is a condition in which a duct become dilated and filled with fluid. It can also cause the formation of a lump in the breast  Ductal ectasia does not increase the risks of breast cancer.
Sebaceous cysts are caused by plugged ducts at the site of a hair follicle.Like a cyst, they move freely under the fingers. Hormone stimulation or injury may cause them to enlarge. A sebaceous cyst that does not cause symptoms does not require medical treatment. Removal usually involves making a small incision in the skin and removing the entire sac so that it does not return.
A dense breast has less fat than glandular and connective tissue. Mammogram films of breasts with higher density are harder to read and interpret than those of less dense breasts.
Microcalcifications are seen in the breast like grains of salt and are normal.Only if they are clustered (grouped) they raise some concern. I think that Bluebutterfly2222 has explain to you all about it  in your previous post.
Best wishes...

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Hi thanks that is helpful. I was wondering how big that is.  Also they said that in my left is a lump in 1;00 position palpable lump, in the superfcial soft tissue a focal lesion measuring 2x3x7 with apparent tail extending to the skin surface an they suggest it could be a benign sebaceous cyst. A dilated duct at 2:00 is noted.  This must be position in the left breast, what is dilated duct?
I have alot of microcalcifications in my right breast.What is dense same?
Thanks for your help.
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