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Intraductal Papilloma with Hyalinized Stroma - What does this mean?

Hello, the pathology report of a biopsy I had done last week says "Intraductal Papilloma with Hyalinized Stroma." The nurse said it is a "High Risk Lesion". What does this mean please?

I have googled Intraductal papilloma and I found a ton of info about that. But I am not finding much info about the "Hyalinized Stroma". Does the hyalinized stroma make the "Intraductal papilloma condition even worse? I am supposed to see a breast surgeon to get this removed. The "high risk lesion" bit is also concerning.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Hi.  I know this is always scary hon.  I'm sorry you are trying to sift through this.  Stroma from my understanding simply means the connective tissue of the breast. Hyalinizing means  tissue degenerates into a translucent glass-like substance.  So, that would indicate to me a change in your connective tissue to something suspicious. When do you next see your doctor?  They need to explain these results.  And you need to know what the next step is.  Biopsy most likely.  Please know that I had a biopsy when my radiology report was a Birad 5 (Birad 6 is supposed to indicate cancer) and did NOT have cancer.  I had many things that led to my breast surgeon believing I probably had cancer and did not have it.  So, you can have suspicious things and it is all just fine.  I try not to worry unless I have to.  Let me know when you see your doctor next hon.
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