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Is this a lymph node ? Anything to be worried ?

My wife is 32 had fibroids in breasts and biopsy was done and returned and nodal breasts 3 weeks again she had a small white pimple on the outer side of the left arm pit which she applied plaster and then it broke got swollen and enlarged say 5 mm it was not hard it was soft and lumpy and then we applied some cream and it became inflamed when we showed it to a doctor he told it might be due to heat and also could be insect bite and he prescribed flucloxacillin tablets and then it broke and fully subsided in 1 weeks time , is this a lymph node enlargement I checked the net and the lymph nodes aren’t in the outer side of the armpit and also they did look like what she has.  Can lymph nodes bleed and the. Subside ? The doctor did say it wasn’t but still curious
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This does not sound to be a lymph node issue and you have already spoken to a doctor that has diagnosed and treated your wife.  This does not appear to be either related to cancer or breast cancer.  Continue to work with her doctor for further questions.
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