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Looking for advice: diagnoised with ADH, ALH, LCIS; amoung many other abnormalities

I have been diagnosed with ADH, ALH, LCIS (all in same breast). Other findings were Pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia(PASH), Sclerosing lesion w/radial scar, microcalcifications, intraductal papillomas, columnar cell change, dilated ducts, and stromal fibrosis.  I am at a cross roads of what to do, one doctor wants to remove just the areas; which equates to approx. 10cm of breast tissue, and the second opinion doctor recommends mastectomy.  I have tried to do a lot of research on all this issues, but every site seems to have a different opinion on what all this are, and I cannot find anything on someone have all of these.  Has anyone had all of these, and what did you find out and/or do.
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Hello mbruns6646 and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  I'm so sorry to read of your diagnosis. This is such  scary time and I'm sure making decisions about which route to take for treatment is stressful and maybe even a little overwhelming.  You were wise to get a second opinion as that always helps.  A third?  Would that be a possibility?  What kinds of questions do you have for your doctors to help you make this decision?  Things such as which has the better outcome in your patients with similar cases to me?  Which has the greatest risk?  I know that mastectomy may be the more radical surgery but does it lesson your chance of recurrence?  Another question to ask each of the doctors is about how many patients like you have they cared for and what were the general outcomes.  If they have had several patients, then their recommendation carries a bit more wait than if they say they've had one or two.
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Actually I have had 3 opinions, at the beginning after the 1st biopsy which showed only the ADH,  and the 3rd opinion was do nothing and watch.  But it was until my forth biopsy that they found the LCIS, ALH, and the other abnormalities. The doctor that suggested partial removal (md Anderson) and the doctor that suggested full (St Lukes ); both are breast oncologist, so it is all they do and the top cancer hospitals in my area, that is why the decision is so hard to make
that is why I am curious what others may have choosen to do, that have been diagnoised with all three
I can understand why it is hard to decide with conflicting views. I'm not sure if anyone will weigh  in that has had all three but hope they do. If you can't talk to someone directly that has been in your exact situation,  I'm wondering what the deciding factor will be for you. Recovery time for either? Possibility of remission and overall success? Retaining your breast which is a valid concern?  Sometimes breaking things down like that can help.  We're here to talk through things with you.
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