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Looking for someone with similar cancer situation

On 5/29/08 I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma, ER/PR negative, HER2/neu positive, with 6 nodes involved.  I am 47.  My treatment plan is AC every two weeks for four sessions, and Taxol for four sessions, followed by radiation/Herceptin for five weeks and Herceptin for a year.  I am looking for someone who has had a similar situation to talk to.  Thanks much. Doris
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Hi Doris,
Try calling the Breast Cancer Netwok for Strength.  They are an advocacy group.  You can google them and  once you get to the home page, click on emotional support. They can connect you with someone who matches up to you, but is further along than you.  The program is called in your shoes and they have an 800 number that is good 24/7.  
Best wishes to you,
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Hi Doris,

In april I was diagnosed with IDC. I am ER-, PR+ HER2 +. So although I am hormone receptive I am her2+ like you. I had 4 rounds of AC followed by 4 rounds of taxotere with herceptin for a year. I will have a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in October followed by radiation.

If you need to talk please stay in touch.

Best wishes!
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